Try a Trike!

The most important thing a good trike store can offer to its clients, along with expert advice and mechanical services is the opportunity to test ride. An oft-repeated piece of advice that experienced riders give new folks is, ride before you buy. They don’t mean just a spin around the parking lot, they mean an hour, two hours, enough time and distance to see if a trike is for you and above all, whether this particular trike is the one that suits you best.

As we began looking for a location for Seattle Trike, we told brokers that we were flexible on square footage, we were flexible on price (within reason), but that there was one gotta-have, the shop had to be on a good bike path! That narrowed the options considerably, especially in a tight real estate market like greater Seattle.

But eventually we found it, an available space that’s directly on the approach to the beautiful Elliot Bay bike path. Less than a half mile from the shop, the trail enters Myrtle Edwards waterfront park, where the trail meanders past Puget Sound water views. In the other direction, another trail takes you directly to the Lake Washington Ship Canal path, with yet more water views. If that’s not enough, at the end of the Ship Canal path you can cross the Fremont Bridge on the pedestrian walkway and connect to the Burke-Gilman trail, with over 25 miles of connected bike-only paths.

So please, schedule an appointment to try a trike! We’ll talk with you to determine the best match, set up a trike to fit your leg length, and send you off for a test ride.