Why a Trike?


After two hours of riding through the beautiful outdoors, feeling the warmth of the sunshine, hearing and seeing the birds, soaking in the scenery, we sometimes suddenly realize… Unbelievable! We just had two hours of vigorous exercise, and nothing hurts! And we never got bored and we never wished it would stop!

We’re hurrying the last half-mile to the campsite at dusk, and on impulse we pull over at a wide spot and set our parking brakes and just sit comfortably for a spell to watch the sun sink into the Pacific…so good to be alive!

As we ride the trail, passersby wave, smile, give us thumbs up…when we stop, people ask, “Where did you get those things? Are they as fun as they look?” (Well, yeah! Maybe more!) And someone who looks like his racing days may be well behind him says, “I’ve got to get one of those things.” And he’s probably right.

After that long hard climb up the Old Blewett Pass Highway, now abandoned by cars in favor of the new, straighter road, we stop for a bite of lunch in our lawn chairs on wheels and then…start down, tearing through the old cracked curves like miniature sports cars, leaning out to keep the outside wheel on the ground…So good to be alive!

All of that is to say…Why not?